Parade tunes

The Blue Bells of Scotland & The Minstrel Boy
The Red Fox & Will Ye No Come Back Again
Robin Adair & The Rowan Tree
Murdo’s Wedding & Scotland the Brave
Wings & Loch Ruan
The Green Hills of Tyrol & When The Battle’s O’er
Irish set (for St. Patrick’s Day parade)
Jingle Bells (for Christmas parades)
Jolly Old Saint Nicholas (for Christmas parades)
O Come All Ye Faithful (for Christmas parades)

Band Show Tunes

Pipe Major Sam Scott
The Glendaurel Highlanders
The Children
The Shoals of Herring
Loch Rannoch & Morag of Dunvegan
The Wee Tune
The Marquis Of Huntley’s Highland Fling
Jack’s Welcome Home
The Inner Guard
Up To The Line
Aspen Bank
Captain Horne